NMR Services

Measurements are available in solution phase.

Available NMR methods:
1H, 13C and DEPT spectra, the latest versions of the COSY, TOCSY, NOESY and ROESY applications, selective 1D versions of TOCSY, NOESY and ROESY, inverse detected heteronuclear correlations: multiplicity-edited HSQC, HMBC, tandem methods: HSQC-COSY and HSQC-TOCSY methods for determination of heteronuclear long-range coupling constants: HSQMBC and J-HMBC.

Available for small molecules up to 1000 Da molecular mass, heterocycles, saccharides, macrolides, steroids, oligopeptides…



Our screening capacity is app. 5000 interaction studies weekly.


Avicor has a team of experienced and highly motivated chemists with the necessary skills to perform complex, multi-step synthesetic problems. Avicor can support chemical projects by developing robust synthetic strategies to deliver high quality organic molecules within strict deadlines on a fee for service basis.

Avicor combines the latest synthetic methodology with procedures available in the literature to optimise the development process and deliver results to the customers. Avicor’s service is tailored to each project.


Our target discovery services are based on high throughput screening assays based on biochemical array or protein-small molecule interaction. We apply 2 different technologies: 1) proprietary surface modification technology developed at AVICOR, where target proteins specifically interact with small molecules on a surface. Using this technology our target identification service is based on proprietary universal, chemically activated glass beads that can capture small molecules with no special linker system and with broad range of selectivity. 2) label-free detection of protein-protein, protein-small molecule interaction employing photo refraction (fragment-based or drug like molecules).