BSP-Asthma and COPD drug development program

Avicor is active in drug discovery projects related to respiratory diseases of high medical impact. Its lead program is focusing on novel asthma and COPD. Latest lead compounds have nanomolar or sub-nanomolar activities against one specific (not disclosed) receptor which believed to be one of the key regulators of respiratory inflammation.

Application of Modified Solid Supports

Avicor develops plastic and glass supports for in vitro studies ensuring strong cell specific attachment by using different peptide analogs.

Nucleic Acid enrichment

Nucleic acid enrichment technologies are based on specific depletion and enrichment technologies that finally results in RNA or DNA with abundance for subsequent sequence detection applications, such as Next generation sequencing methods (NGS) or polymerase chain reaction (PCR) based methods.

The development is financed by a National R&D Grant, entitled:

Development of a series of specific nucleic acid enrichment products for sensitive pathogens detection (KFI)

KFI-16 grant (KFI_16-1-2017-0105)