AVICOR was established in 2005 based on a patent portfolio covering the application of chemically modified solid surfaces for chemical microarray production and affinity bead preparation. Avicor is a service provider with clients from Europe and US big pharma and medium size companies.

Avicor offers fully-integrated contract research, discovery and development services including drug discovery, target identification, and analytics.

Primary activities:

AVICOR has a diverse small molecule library of 60000 member and a Chemical Department with medicinal chemistry capabilities to synthesize novel scaffolds and to optimize lead molecules.

Different screening technologies were developed to

These screening technologies are based on classical biochemical screening using fluorescence or luminescence read-out, or by using a label-free technology platform with our proprietary surface chemistry, and novel bead technology for affinity chromatography and protein mass-spectrographic analysis.

Avicor is a leading drug discovery and development company offering fully-integrated contract research and manufacturing services including medicinal chemistry, hit discovery, lead optimization, in vitro pharmacology, screen development and target identification.