Avicor Ltd. successfully developed several new products in the frame of a Hungarian R&D grant (KFI_16-1-2017-0105) for specific enrichment of nucleic acids deriving from diverse biological samples specific for human, bacterial, fungal and viral nucleic acids.

The potential of magnetic beads in nucleic acid purification was recognized in the 1990’s. This approach was slightly modified by Avicor producing our new products, the specific nucleic acid binding magnetic beads. Our magnetic beads bears with special coating enableing them to bind nucleic acids specifically and reversibly by just adjusting optimized buffer conditions.  After binding nucleic acids, an external magnetic field attracts the beads to the outer edge of the containing tube, immobilizing them. While the beads are immobilized, the bead-bound nucleic acid is retained during the washing steps. Adding elution buffer, and removing the magnetic field then releases the DNA as a purified sample, ready for quantitation and further analysis, including reverse transciption (for RNA), QRT-PCR and next generation sequencing applications.