Our Company

AVICOR was established in 2005 based on a patent portfolio covering the application of chemically modified solid surfaces for chemical microarray production and affinity bead preparation. Avicor is a service provider with clients from Europe and US big pharma and medium size companies.

Avicor offers fully-integrated contract research, discovery and development services including drug discovery, target identification, and analytics.

Project summery: The consortium is planning to develop a process and series of reagents that is capable to specially enrich clinical or environmental specimens. With this technology even minimal amounts of infectious agents (viruses, fungi, bacteria) can be reliably detected and identified from blood, saliva, breath, brain fluid or tissue samples, and also compatible with different genomic methods.

Avicor Ltd. granted with award of Research, Development and Innovation (KFI)
Identification number of the project: KFI_16-1-2017-0105
Title: Development of a specific series of nucleic acid enriching products to detect pathogens sensitively
Expected duration of the project: 12-06-2017-11-06-2019
Funding amount: 319 735 058 Ft (66,66%)
Funding amount for Avicor Ltd.: 148 607 600 Ft (73,80%)