Cat#                                      Name

Chromatography products

                               Chromatography resins

A26-L                                    AviLink Chromatography Depletion kit

A26ProtA-L                        AviLink “Protein A” Depletion kit (large) (25 ml; for antibody purification)

A26ProtA-M                      AviLink “Protein A” Depletion kit (medium) (12 ml; for antibody purification)

A26-L                                    AviLink Depletion kit



ALMM-20                           Surface-treated (aminolinkers) plastic microspheroid suspensions (20 ml)

Ell-10g                                  Ellagic acid (>98%)


                               Molecular biology reagents

T-IgG                                    Chromatographic column fill for antibody purification (500 ml)

Akt-M2-COX                     Surface-treated carboxylated (activated) magnet beads (2 ml)

Akt-M2-NH2                     Surface-treated aminated (activated) magnet beads (2 ml)

Akt-M2-NH2                     Magnetic bead marked with FITC-M1 fluorescent dye (5ml)

Akt-M2                                Surface-treated (activated) magnet beads (2ml)

ALProtX-S                           AviLink “Protein X” Depletion kit (small) (5 ml; for antibody purification)

RsPep_10                           Reactive cell adhesion peptide (10 mg)

A-AGA                                 Amino-active agarose (100 ml)

A-CPG                                  Amino-active CPG (100 ml)

Cell_P10                              Cell Solubilization Solution (10ml)

Cyt192                                 Cytotoxicity reagent kit (192)

Ref_Apt                              Apoptosis Reference Set

Ref_Ctx                               Cytotoxicity Reference Set

Sol-A10                                Cell Solubilization Solution “A” (10 ml)

Sol-B10                                Cell Solubilization Solution “B” (10 ml)

StrB-10                                Magnetic bead coupled with Streptavidin (10 ml)

SolA-12                                Solubilizing detergent kit 12 / kit 1ml

Car_24L                               Carnitine polymer covered 24-well microtiter plate

ProPt1-10                           Cell adhesion protein peptide conjugate (ZS-CGDS 10mg)

ProPt1-10                           Peptide Protein Conjugate (Gelatin CGDK 10mg)

Coll_Fl                                  Collagen-coated cell culture flask

Cust-06                                Human protein homogenate prepared for chromatography (10mg)

Eluc-1                                   Enzyme Substrate Luciferin-Peptide Conjugate (1 mg)

FITC-M1                              FITC fluorescent labelled magnetic beads (1ml)

Fnt_Fl                                  Fibronectin covered cell culture flask

IgGB-3×3                             IgG-linked magnetic bead (3×3 ml)

PepNS-10                           Peptide conjugate coupling agent NH2-SH (10 mg)

PepOS-10                           Peptide conjugate coupling agent NH2-SH (10 mg)

Pext-400                             Protein extraction kit (400x100ug)

PrA-DP25                            Protein A depletion reagent kit, 25ml

PrAB-10                               Protein A-linked magnetic bead (10 ml)


Chemical microarray

AviChem-01                      Chemical microarray for small molecule protein interaction assay

ProtAS-20                           Protein Array microscope plate substrate (20pcs/box)


Microscopy products

                               Fluorescent dye

FLU-P40                              Fluorescence reagent kit (40x)

FLU-R100                            Fluorescence cell test series R-100

AC202,                                 High specificity Lipid Droplet staining fluorescent dye(5mg)

PLr-10                                  Red in vivo fluorescent dye for Plasma membrane, 10 mg

ERb-10                                 Blue in vivo fluorescent dye for endoplasmic reticulum, 10 mg

CD_Green                          CellDeath Green (10mg)

LD-B10                                 Lipid Drop live cell fluorescent dye (10mg)

MIr-10                                 Mitochondrial red in vivo fluorescent dye, 10 mg


Modified microscope slides

Opt_1                                  High purity optically inert microscope

Univ-A24                            Universal, surface-modified slide (24 pcs / box) with amine

Univ-K24                             Universal, surface-modified slide (24 pcs / box) is carboxylated

Univ-S24                             Universal, surface-modified slide (24pcs / box)

SIU-10                                  Universal modified slide is 10 pcs / pack

SlA-50                                  Amino-active modified slide 50pcs / pack