Avi-ChemixTM microarrays are chemical microarrays: (microscope) glass slides with 19,200 (48x20x20) chemical compounds bound to its surface. With the microarrays it is possible to perform a fast, cheap and target-type independent assay.
Avi-ChemixTM microarrays are compatible with hybridization stations, scanners, image and data analysis softwares used in DNA-microarray technology.

Avi-ChemixTM 10K Arrays (A and B)

The Avi-ChemixTM standard 10K Arrays (A and B) contain each 9,600 different compounds printed in duplicate. The library contains compounds with diverse structures. Compounds were selected for optimal hit identification and minimal fluorescent characteristics (at Cy3®* & Cy5®* channels) to reduce background signals.

Avi-ChemixTM microarrays from your compound library

The Avi-ChemixTM custom microarrays are printed using the customers' own compound library. This allows for full integration of the Avi-ChemixTM affinity assay in existing drug discovery programs of pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Avicor can print the custom arrays from coded libraries without knowing any molecular structure. Also on location printing is an option for sizeable projects.

Avi-ChemixTM from commercial libraries

On request, Avi-ChemixTM microarrays can be printed from any commercially available small compound library.