Project title: “Synthetic development and biological testing of biopolymer conjugates”
Project code: GOP-1.1.1-11-2012-0060
Project support: 49.000.000 Ft
Project duration: 2012.04.15-2014.06.15

Széchenyi 2020The aim of the present grant application is to establish and develop novel technologies and solutions for preparing different types of biopolymer conjugates. During the first phase we are going to synthesize protein-polysaccharide conjugates, starting from purified carbohydrates and therapeutic antibody. Avicor has a long history and experience with chemical modifications and working with different linkers. The company will test amino- and thiol-based modifications of proteins and applications of bispecific activated linkers. During the project we are going to synthesize different oligopeptides with sequence homology to extracellular adhesion molecules. We will test them against different cancer cells in order to study their effects on proliferation and cell attachment. Fused and pegylated peptides will be prepared and their pharmacological characters will be tested in vitro and in animal model. The proposed anticancer effects of proteins and peptides will be analyzed in collaboration with Avidin Ltd.
Based on Avicor’s chemical synthetic potential different luminescent peptide-probe conjugates are going to be synthesized having specific enzymatic degradation characteristics. By using these reagents novel high-throughput screens can be established and this products could be used in different service projects.
Beside development of different potential therapeutic products or solutions in the project Avicor will increase its fee for service potential in the field of biopolymer conjugates.


The grant was supported by the National Development Agency.