Avicor is developing new products and methods in the field of drug discovery and chemogenomics.

Our platform technology can be used to identify new pharmaceutical compounds for the treatment of diseases, for the development of special coated surfaces for medical implants and for the development of chemical markers (as high-affinity binders) for diagnostics.

Avicor is member of a number of research consortia that are supported by grants from the Hungarian government and the European Union.

Avicor is supported by a grant "Parallel identification of potential drug molecules; confirmation of their therapeutic effects with chemogenomic methods by using integrated application of DNA- and Ligand-microarrays." GVOP-3.3.1-05/1.-2005-05-0168/3.0

In 2009 Avicor succesfully applied for two more grants: "Further development of chemical microarrays and affinity chromatography techniques for high efficiency identification of small molecule targets" (GOP-1.1.1-08/1-2008-0001) to extend small molecule collection available for AviChemix chips, as well as to select target-focused microarray panels.

In collaboration with DeltaBio 2000 Ltd. Avicor was also supported by the Baross Gábor Programme for "DNA reparing protein targets in cancer therapy" (BAROSS_DA07-DA_TECH_07-2008-0039) to identify or develop inhibitors for different enzymes participating in DNA repair mechanisms.