Avicor Ltd. is a company that develops products and provides services for the identification of drug targets and lead compounds. Avicor focusses on the production and application of affinity columns and chemical microarrays.

We use our expertise in affinity chromatography to help drug developers better understand the action mechanism of their compounds. Our Avi-Link chemistry platform allows us to accelerate your discovery process and potentially fasten up your research with several months.

We developed a novel type of high-density chemical microarrays (Avi-ChemixTM) that binds a wide range of small, drug like molecules. With these microarrays it is possible to perform a fast, cheap and target-type independent high throughput assay.

Based in Szeged, Hungary, Avicor Ltd is a privately held spin-off company of the Biological Research Center of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.